Keskustie 4

95300 Napalaakso

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Kiinteistö Kingit was founded on 1996. Our real estate agents will do their absolute best to find you the premises that fit your needs perfectly. We have been growing our market share constantly and continue to do so in the future. We offer you the largest selection of premises in Arctic Valley.

Tell us what you need

To offer you the best customer experience, we kindly ask you to tell us what you are looking for at the moment. How many square metres are you looking for and in what area? How many people are going to operate in your real estate? For starting businesses we recommend business premises for rent (min. one month). If you are planning to by premises we kindly ask you to contact us via e-mail:

Prices per square metre

Prices are listed based on the location of the premises. Water rate is 20 € per person per mont in all of the areas and will be added to your rent.


City Centre 16,50 €/m²/mo

 Vihrelä 13,00 €/m²/mo

Jänölä 11,00 €/m²/mo

Piippola 8,00 €/m²/mo

Länsi-Saarto 5,00 €/m²/mo



Contact Form

To ask for a rental agreement, please fill up this form thoroughly. We well send the rental agreement to your e-mail. To accept the agreement, sign the contract and send it back to us.

Company name
Business ID
Field of business
Street adress
Postal code
Place of business
Square metres required (m²)
The first day of contract
Number of employees
Wanted location of premises
Districts in Arctic Valley: Keskusta, Vihrelä, Piippola, Länsi-Saarto, Jänölä