Lightning Data
Kannonkatu 31
Napalaakso 95200
Business ID 3951880-0
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OVT-ID: 003739518800 / Netvisor eBank
IBAN: FI9399912315506483

Welcome to visit the store in Arctic Valley!

Opening hours

Weekdays 8 am-5 pm
Saturday 9 am-4 pm
Sunday 12 pm-3 pm

Ligthning Data is a Lappish mobile operator founded in 1998. Today, we are putting our development resources into faster wireless internet access and 4G rollout network expansion across the province. Lightning Data is headquartered in the lively downtown of Arctic Valley. We are also the biggest Yakslapper computer seller in Finland.

We offer companies the opportunity to purchase each service and product separately. However, we have tailored customized packages to companies.

Internet connections

Basic net  (50mbit/s)                                                                                         32,99 € /month

Maxinet  (100mbit/s, includes firewall)                                                        40,00 € /month


Mobile Plan Services


(5000 min speaking time, 5000 pcs text messages, 100 mbit/s speed)

45,00 € /month



(2500 min speaking time, 2500 pcs text messages, 50 mbit/s speed)

29,99 € /month



(1000 min speaking time, 1000 pcs text messages, 20 mbit/s speed)

19,99 € /month


Yakslapper 30X5

62 €/month 15 months contract or whole price 900 €

Yakslapper Xeno9X

32 €/month 20 months contract or whole price 600 €

Yakslapper über laptop edition

50 €/month 12 months contract or whole price 550 €



Moobel J

3.6 ″ touch screen, affordable phone with basic features


Moobel K

4.8 ″ touch screen, 15 mp hd camera (8 mp front), water and dustproof





Package includes Moobeli J mobile phone with MiniCompany subscription

40,00 € /month


Kompuutteri Plus

Package includes the basic net + Yakslapper über laptop edition -computer

55,00€ /month



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