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Napalaakso 95200

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Lightning Data offers mobile phone services in Finnish Lapland. The company was founded on 1998 and has been improving its services since. Lightning Datas head office is located in Arctic Valley.

For companies we offer the best products to keep you up to date. We also have great packages that are available on affordable price.

Internet connections

Basic Internet (50mbit/s)                                                                                 32,99 € /month

Maxinet  (100mbit/s, includes firewall)                                                        40,00 € /month


Mobile Plan Services


(5000 min speaking time, 5000 text messages, velocity 100mbit per sek)

45,00 € /month



(2500 min speaking time, 2500 text messages, velocity 50 mbit per sek)

29,99 € /month



(1000 min speaking time, 1000 text messages, velocity 20 mbit per sek)

19,99 € /month


Yakslapper 30X5

62 € per month (15 month contract or pay at once 900 €)

Yakslapper Xeno9X

32 € per month (20 month contract or pay at once 600 €)

Yakslapper über laptop edition

50 € per month (12 month contract or pay at once 550 €)



Moobel J

3,6″ touch screen, affordable, with all the basic elements                                         263€

Moobel K

4,8″ touch screen, 15 mp hd camera (8 mp in front), water and dust tight           349€




Includes Moobeli J phone and Miniyritys Mobile Plan

40,00 € /month


Kompuutteri Plus

Includes basic internet and Yakslapper über laptop edition -tietokoneen

55,00€ /month




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