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Työterveys Viirus has been offering industrial health services for its clients since 1999. We take care of you in our five offices throughout Arctic Valley. Your employees are welcome to  take part on our first aid curses.

Industrial health services

Did you know that employers are obligated to arrange preventative health services for all staff members. Preventative health care is statutory.


You can get compensation for your own health care from Kela. You need to have a written commitment and a plan of action for the health care of your company.


We offer our customers affordable service packages. Price per year is based on the number of employees and services selected to the package.

Kela compensates some of the industrial health care costs based on the health insurance law in Finland. Industrial health care is free for the employees. Kela does not compensate any costs such as dental care or rehabilitation costs. Remember to claim compensations on time.

Useful links


Finnish Institution of Occupational Health

Website of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in Finland


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