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Arctic Occupational Healthcare has been providing health services to its corporate clients since 1999. We provide occupational health services to our corporate clients at five different locations around Arctic Valley. We are also able to receive customers immediately in urgent cases. Viirus provides its clients with first-rate service and on-the-job training in first aid.


Occupational health services

Did you know that every employer has a duty under the Occupational Health Care Act to arrange preventive occupational health care for every employee. Preventive occupational health care is statutory. If the employer so wishes, he has the opportunity to provide his employees with broader occupational health care, which includes general medical care.


The entrepreneur is not in a weaker position but can also arrange occupational health care if he or she wishes. A written agreement and action plan with the occupational health care provider is required to receive compensation from Kela.


Työterveys Viirus provides its corporate customers service packages with an annual cost based on the number of employees and services selected. The company can also opt for a broader range of occupational health care.

Kela compensates the employer for the necessary and reasonable costs of arranging occupational health care under the Health Insurance Act. Occupational health care is free of charge for employees. An occupational health care contract, a workplace statement (basic report) and a valid action plan are prerequisites for getting compensation.

Occupational health care costs do not cover, for example, dental care, rehabilitation, accidents at work and traffic accidents, and occupational diseases. They have their own statutory compensation schemes.

Työterveys Viirus is a private occupational health care company, so our client companies have to independently seek compensation from Kela when using our services.

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Finnish Institution of Occupational Health

Website of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in Finland

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