Derbyshire Tour

Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Ashbourne, Matlock, Tissington village.

In the end of the first week on the 19th of October we were lucky to have a chance to visit the country side of Derby, it is called Derbyshire, which means all around the city of Derby. We have seen green fields, different kind of trees and bushes, farms and animals like cows, sheep and horses pasturing on the fields. It was a feeling of absolute peace and utter quietness. The weather was sunny and warm all the time, so it made the picture more complete. There are hills and plains, we’ve seen even tourists climbing to the top of the hill. On our way we’ve seen small cozy towns like Ashbourne and Matlock, they are very old, were founded many centuries ago. I would describe them as very compact towns, because of narrow streets and old buildings close to one another. The architecture is absolutely gorgeous, every building has its own style and differs from the others. Mainly the buildings are built from bricks and stones. We even had a chance to taste traditional British food: fish and chips. 

Chatsworth House

I would like to devote a special chapter to this place, called Chatsworth House. Well, I would call it as a Castle, an enormous ancient county, built around 6 centuries ago, the seat of Duke Devonshire and his family, a massive castle with amazing architectural elements, it has a rich and long history, which you can hear and see in its museum. There is a wonderful garden beside it with fountains, flowers and rare trees. It is a perfect place to be, meditate and be in touch with nature. It is too splendid for words. 



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