My experience at the business travel agency.
It was my first experience at such a big management agency. It is a chain of agencies around UK, which operates hotel reservations, flights and railways. The agency deals with the big business groups, as well as with the individuals and the VIPs. I have learnt many new things, it was interesting and useful experience.
Museum of Derby.
It was one of the most pleasant weeks I’ve spent in the UK. The atmosphere of the museum was very friendly and warm, great leader and team spirit make the museum prosper and attract visitors. I worked on the reception desk, my duties were: visitor service, customer care, school sessions and preparation for a fundraising event. It was my pleasure to be helpful and useful.
Free time and weekends.
During our free time and weekends my class-mate and me tried to visit as many as possible cities and places to have complete and utter picture of the UK. We’ve visited: Birmingham (the second largest city in UK, after London), Nottingham (legend of Robin Hood), Sheffield (famous for its steel industry), Chatsworth House (home of the Duke of Devonshire). And of course, one of our main destinations was the capital of England, London. I have done hop-on hop-off tour for three days, cruise trip on the river Thames. I’ve seen the main attractions such as Westminster Abbey, the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, London Bridge Tower, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Harrods. I’ve visited the Tate Art Museum. England is a very old country, I was amazed with the architecture, every building has its own unique style.

Summerizing all my experience I’ve done and got during 11.10-13.11.2018 in the UK, I would definitely say that I have improved my professional and language skills in many different spheres of life. Many thanks to Erasmus+ Project, which granted me this trip. It was lovely, brilliant, marvellous!



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