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Circus Taika-Aika is neither a traditional circus school nor circus, as you would probably expect it to be. The website states that the purpose of the organization is to develop and promote circus arts among young children, youth and adults, as well as make circus arts a hobby. They have permanent staff and they do perform from time to time as well as give open classes and teach courses.


  • Unique value proposition
  • Existing customer base
  • Vast expertise
  • Low staff turnover
  • Existing partners as it is always cool to have some

The most interesting thing about Circus Taika-Aika is the value proposition – the opportunity to study circus art as a hobby for everybody. There is only one circus school in Rovaniemi, so Taika-Aika does not really have direct local competitors.

I would also consider brand image and existing customer base as valuable assets. Comments are scarce and feedback is hard to find, but people seem to like what the company is doing.


  • Absence of the ULTIMATE plan – company lacks the strategy
  • Target groups unclear
  • Minor web site issues
  • Lack of engaging quality content (youtube, instagram)
  • Infrequent updates and social media inactivity

I feel the weakest point is lack of direction: it seems that the company does not really know what it wants. There is no concrete marketing campaign – only vague ideas. And I might be wrong, but it seems that Circus Taika Aika does not know its customers or, rather, cannot decide which business activities to focus on.

There are some issues concerning the website performance. For example, not all the links work as expected; text layout and fonts could be improved here and there, some ‘text walls’ should be rearranged, etc. Small but important stuff.

I would also love to see more engaging content. Official promo videos, tutorials, short how-to’s, high-quality pictures, routines – anything visual goes as long as it is good and consistent. Gosh, their last Youtube video is 2 years old!



  • Absence of local competitors
  • Partnerships with other organizations
  • International customers
  • Additional activities around Lapland/Finland/Barents region/World

As for the opportunities, there are plenty of, I believe. Starting from partnerships with local tourist companies and engaging tourists all the way to working with partners around Finland or even Northern region. Unique value proposition coupled with expertise opens vast possibilities to deliver fun and engaging experiences to various kinds of customers.

Existing products like circus-themed birthdays thing could be changed to suit international customers or serve as a basis for completely new services. Party in the circus? Local gigs? Some night shows? Who knows…


  • Opportunity cost for the customers – could they choose anything else?
  • Fandom – diminishing amount of customers?
  • Staff turnover
  • Local market size

The school appears to be a mix between entertainment and hobby, so there are many alternatives to going to Circus Taika-Aika: sports clubs, dancing lessons, cinema, theater or not going anywhere at all. The question is whether Circus Taika-Aika can offer enough to beat the opportunity cost.

Is local market enough to sustain acceptable growth of the company (or at least to cover the expenses)? What about the staff turnover and opportunity cost for staff members? Obviously, I do not have enough info to answer these questions. However, the company will have to resolve them sooner or later.

Suggestions and takeaways

I would love to see Circus Taika-Aika choose a general direction of development – learn more about their customers; get an idea on what the company ultimately wants to be and work out the plan to get there.

Social Media Marketing boost would be nice addition to their marketing campaign – at least strengthening the presence in main social media platforms. Minor website tweaks are needed as well as more cool content  like high quality videos/photos (like ones you see below).

photo6 photo4 photo3 photo2

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