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The Lada.

Hello people! I’m a senior student at Lapland UAS. My major is in tourism and hospitality.  I like how it sounds. Like, when you say “tourism”, you immediately assocciate it with your past unforgettable travel experiences and various places you wish to visit in future or with interesting people from different countries. One way or another, the […]

Hi there!

It’s Senni writing. I am a 21-year-old student living in Rovaniemi. I have enjoyed living here since 2013, when I started my Tourism studies in Lapland UAS. I come from the southern part of Finland, from a small town called Urjala. I am a happy person with cheeky features. Since I have lived the most of […]

Tertsi co-learning eExperiences with students!

As a teacher I am now challenging myself to dive into sharing experiences through social media , which  I haven’t done before in this extent! I love travelling and that is probably  one of the reasons I ended up working in tourism. I never thought of being a teacher but after researching and developing tourism as well as training tourism entrepreneurs, teaching in […]

Dalarna Development Project

Hello my friends, I am Thanh Binh Nguyen, 21 years old, from Sai Gon, Viet Nam. I have been studying in Rovaniemi, Finland for 3 years. My major is Tourism and Hospitality Management. A bit about myself, I am friendly and extrovert. What I always enjoy doing in life is traveling and discovering new places, […]