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Introducing myself!

Tanja’s first Blog! As the title already tells, my name is Tanja. I am from Austria, Upper Austria – born and raised, and I have just completed my first year of studying at the University of Applied Science Krems. Just one week after I turned 20 I found myself sitting in Flight AY766 to Rovaniemi – The Official Hometown of Santa Claus. This is now already 3 […]

A Life of Change

Hi there! If you are my “blood type” of a person, you find sitting on the same place in the same country utterly frustrating. Europe; Slovakia, Greece, Germany, Finland…we could have met anywhere. But it’s Lapland. Born in the Slovak part of the former Czechoslovakia and kindly named by my parents Marianna, I’ve experienced more system changes […]

Whateverest: Oleksandr

Greetings from classrom 248! Here is the first blogpost related to our current study unit Intertnational Destination Development Project. I expect a wonderful journey to Dalarna and unforgettable experience there. Hopefully our course will be informative and active. Briefly about me: I was born in Ukraine. All my life I am studying various things. I like […]

Getting to know Ivette

Hi (or Hola! in Spanish), My name is Ivette Andujar and I’m from the beautiful Barcelona but nowadays I’m living in Rovaniemi until December. I’m studying Tourism management and that’s because I love travelling and also knowing more about new cultures. I’ve chosen Finland to do my exchange program because I want to experience living […]