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Post-Experience Dalarna

Greetings from non-cold Rovaniemi! We came back from our Dalarna trip safely, despite the family of  moose tried prolong our stay in the heart of Sweden – Stockholm by stopping our train for three hours. Nice try moose!, but maybe next time. The most precious things what we can gather from travelling are moments and emotions which are saved in […]

Ready to rock!

Back in town… After some adventures in St. Petersburg in Russia and a trip to Norway including the North Cape, Alta and Tromsø I am back in town and ready to explore Rovaniemi… Getting to know the Arctic… Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland is worth a visit, for sure. But I don’t want to keep […]


Hello! After returning back to Rovaniemi, some of us went straight to work shift in the following day. Luckily I had couple days to settle up after travelling. “Ai että!” I would say in Finnish. I have got new perspectives from our week in Sweden – the trip was fruitful. It was AGAIN and STILL […]

Miss Dalarna

Yesterday night at 9 pm, we finally arrived at our sweet home! However, when I start to write my last blog now, I feel that I start to miss Bolange and people we met here during this trip. There is no perfect trip. I should admit that transportation made us feel disappointed sometimes. Yet most […]

Home again

Hello all, It has been already couple of days back in home at Rovaniemi. Even though the last week in Sweden was quite heavily loaded when putting it all (studying, traveling & other practical arrangements on-site) together, it was the perfect timing for that kind of intensive study trip. This is our last semester when […]

Dalarna Aftermath

We arrived safely back home Saturday night after a long journey and some delays on the way. The week went by fast and we had lot of fun, saw new places and met new exciting people. It was really interesting to make cooperation with masters students from Dalarna University and see how they work. As […]