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Dalarna – Forever in Our Hearts

It’s been a couple of days since the intensive course to Dalarna Sweden ended. And oh boy have I needed this time to recharge! Or well. Not too much of recharging as I needed to start preparing my next trip already the minute we got back to Rovaniemi, immediately facing the long 5 hour ride […]

What a Journey!

It’s so good to be home! It is grazy how much you miss your everyday life when you are away, especially your own bed! Now I have had time to relax and think back the journey we experienced..   For me, it feels like the week flew by because we had so tight schedule during […]

My Falun Experience

My first-time ever natural adventure started today as we have visited Falu Gruva and Gamla Staberg in the heart of Sweden, a beautiful town, Falun. I am really looking forward to sharing my experience with you, my fellows. To begin with, it took us half an hour to travel from Borlange to the oldest mine […]

In Darlarna

Dala-ing It’s day one in Borlagne. We are about to get a lecture and get to find who we going to be grouped with. We may be going for a barbecue later in the evening. The lecture about the Dalarna region was very educative. We met the Swedish students. They are very nice and welcoming. Here we […]

Fikamatka AB

Hi, there! Writting you from our hostel reception, cuz we already checked out in Börlänge and waiting forward for a long journey back to Rovaniemi. Being honest, do not want to come back, cuz got a lot stuff to do there. Probably, it is a positive sign for the destination where our trip is taking […]

Here we are!

On monday we arrived to Borlänge. Traveling was really heavy, and for the first days we all were really tired. On monday we had some lectures, and got to know our groups for group working. Checked into our hotel, and had dinner with other students in a bar. Tuesday was a day for excursions. We […]

Days in Dalarna

Hei you, It’s Friday morning, only couple more hours here in Dalarna and Borlänge to spend. Everything packed, including the memories gathered during the week. It has been quite hectic with lectures, UNESCO World Heritage Site visits to Falun Great Copper Mountain and Staberg Master Miner’s Estate in Kopparbergslagen and all. It was nice to […]