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Mission accomplished!

On Tuesday we had our final presentation, where we presented our ideas and introduced our project. Therefor, we came up with a unique experience for inquisitive tourists, where they have the chance to learn more about the Arctic Circle and Lapland. As we were supposed to integrate the Roosevelt cabin, we built our tourist experience […]

Mission’s complete

Alrite, so it is over! 🙂 I wouldn’t say I feel extremely happy about finishing the course but quite relieved, to be honest. The challenge the commissioner set for us was truly something! I feel lucky that I happened to have such a team! A team of friendly and responsible members, it was also fun […]

This is the end…

…not yet the end of my semester abroad in Rovaniemi but the end of our International Destination Development Project. We did it! Today we had our final presentation about our own Arctic Circle Tour in Rovaniemi. After we created the Tour and came up with a lot of ideas we finished our group work and […]

Arctic.Circlers in town

Last week we finally started to work on our Destination Development Project in Rovaniemi. We able to rent the university’s car and made us on our way. After a brief tutoring with Teija on Friday we visited the Santa Claus Village were we could have a look into the Roosevelt Cottage. Actually, we were really […]

Together better

This is what I really didn’t expect from Rovaniemi! The heritage site?! On 2nd November we met Elsi Malkki and she explained us the task. So, you know there is the Roosevelt house in the Santa Claus Holiday Village, which acts as a museum. The thing is that the place is not attractive enough for […]

After Dalarna

The Dalarna experience started with a Taxi ride, a trip to IKEA for lunch and visit to Kupolen – the shopping centre. There was then a lecture about the Dalarna region. Thereafter, we got to meet very friendly and welcoming Dalarna University students. In the evening we had a barbeque. On the second day, we […]

Arctic.Circlers on tour!

Yesterday we did some research… …for our project at the Arctic Circle, better to say in the Santa Claus Village. There you can find, hidden between all the commercial huts & houses, the small Roosevelt Cottage. This cosy cabin is part of our project with the Rovaniemi Development Ltd. as they want to renovate it […]