I’m Eetu, originally from Rovaniemi, but for now I’m living in Helsinki trying to balance between working life and finishing my studies. Tough life. I’m finishing my studies in Lapland University of Applied Sciences as a Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

I have wanted to participate in a UNESCO conference since I started studying in Lapland UAS. These conferences are great possibilities to network and be inspired by new ideas. As a quite creative person and thinker, these kind of conferences give me always a lot to think about. Like my friend Nadine, I have the dreams of creating my own short films and art films. Art and contemporary art is very close to my heart. I draw a lot, and I make commission art work for bands and other people.

My main interest in the UNESCO conference is related to Gamification and using Augmented Reality as a tool to preserve our delicate cultural sites and important heritage sites. Technology is quite interesting for, and I’m always researching new innovations which can benefit Tourism as a whole industry – maybe some day I’m able to change Tourism for the better.

”You’re right on the money with that. We’re all like detectives in life. There’s something at the end of the trail that we’re all looking for.” – David Lynch

I hope my ranting and posting gives you new ideas, and inspires you to start reaching your dreams.

Sincerely yours,

Eetu Juhani Ollikainen