As our journey to Dalarna were coming to the end, we decided to visit to Stockholm, the ancient capital of Sweden.


International Students in Stockholm. Photo by Nguyen, T. 2016

Stockholm can be considered as Venice of the North as the city was built on a cluster of islands and canals. It was early afternoon, the sky was cloudy and windy and we decided to have buffet at a chinese restaurant. The food was absolutely delicious with a rational price.



Stockholm at sunset. Photo by Nguyen, T. 2016

Then we walked to the famous old town, Gamla Stan which was constructed hundred years ago on an entire island right in the middle of the city.


Big Gate to Gamla Stan. Photo by Nguyen, T. 2016

For me, Gamla Stan is a master piece of human architecture. Walking slowly on the old streets, you can feel the royal lifestyle and enjoy the imperial civilization of Sweden in many centuries.


An Antique Alley in Gamla Stan. Photo by Nguyen, T. 2016

You will see many antique alleys in Gamla Stan. For me, they hide and cover an eventful period of Sweden, from feudal society to absolute monarchy, through peace and war.


The Royal Palace in Gamla Stan. Photo by Nguyen, T. 2016

One of the best landscape in Gamla Stan that you must see is the Royal Palace. It was the King’s official residence and the place of work for the King and Queen as well as various departments that make up the Royal Court.

Basically, this is my best memories, feelings and experiences in Stockholm. At night, we headed back to Rovaniemi. Unfortunately, the train was delayed for 3 hours as it was hit by 4 wild mooses on its way back. However, 2 people from our group took advantage out of it as they showed up later than the original departure time. Lucky as hell I would say !!))