Yesterday we did some research…

…for our project at the Arctic Circle, better to say in the Santa Claus Village. There you can find, hidden between all the commercial huts & houses, the small Roosevelt Cottage. This cosy cabin is part of our project with the Rovaniemi Development Ltd. as they want to renovate it next spring and re-interpretate this heritage site. The cabin was the first building at the Arctic Circle and was built for a visit of Eleonore Roosevelt, that is the reason the cabin is named after her. Together with my group mates I had a look around the cabin and got some rough ideas for our project.


Arctic.Circlers having a good time together in the freezing cold (Photo: Linda Uehlein)










Today was the day…

…of hard work. My group was successfully visiting some sites in Rovaniemi, like the Arktikum and the airport. Did you know that you land almost on the Arctic Circle when arriving to Rovaniemi by plane? No? Me neither! I am glad to learn so many new things about my temporary home town!!

Furthermore we had the right temperature to feel actually like a tourist in the Arctic:
-10° C. So we were quite happy when we were starting the work on our idea (inside!) ;)We came up with an idea of a “History Tour of Rovaniemi for families. Luckily I got a group in which everybody can work hard so that we got our idea developed quite a bit today!


The view when you exit the airport in Rovaniemi. You directly know that you arrived in Lapland! (Photo: Lilly Denninger)

So stay update with my next post in which I will tell you more about our final outcome.


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