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Mission’s complete

Alrite, so it is over! ūüôā I wouldn’t say I feel extremely happy about finishing the course but quite relieved, to be honest. The challenge the commissioner set for us was truly something! I feel lucky that I happened to have such a team! A team of friendly and responsible members, it was also fun […]

Together better

This is what I really didn’t expect from Rovaniemi! The heritage site?! On 2nd November we met Elsi Malkki and she explained us the task. So, you know there is the Roosevelt house in the Santa Claus Holiday Village, which acts as a museum. The thing is that the place is not attractive enough for […]

The Lada.

Hello people! I’m a senior student at Lapland UAS. My major is in tourism and hospitality. ¬†I like how it sounds. Like, when you say “tourism”, you immediately assocciate¬†it with¬†your past unforgettable travel experiences and various places you wish to visit in future or with interesting people from different countries. One way or another, the […]