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Post-Experience Dalarna

Greetings from non-cold Rovaniemi! We came back from our Dalarna trip safely, despite the family of  moose tried prolong our stay in the heart of Sweden – Stockholm by stopping our train for three hours. Nice try moose!, but maybe next time. The most precious things what we can gather from travelling are moments and emotions which are saved in […]

Fikamatka AB

Hi, there! Writting you from our hostel reception, cuz we already checked out in Börlänge and waiting forward for a long journey back to Rovaniemi. Being honest, do not want to come back, cuz got a lot stuff to do there. Probably, it is a positive sign for the destination where our trip is taking […]

Dalarna, Dalarna!

More or less 20 hours separates us form Dalarna ground. It`s gonna be the looong “matka”. Hopefully winter didn`t touch this Swedish land yet and we can prolongue our Ruska a bit more. The red horse looks cute and friendly from the first glance. From the social media analysis, plenty of tourism activities should be […]

Whateverest: Oleksandr

Greetings from classrom 248! Here is the first blogpost related to our current study unit Intertnational Destination Development Project. I expect a wonderful journey to Dalarna and unforgettable experience there. Hopefully our course will be informative and active. Briefly about me: I was born in Ukraine. All my life I am studying various things. I like […]