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Mission accomplished!

On Tuesday we had our final presentation, where we presented our ideas and introduced our project. Therefor, we came up with a unique experience for inquisitive tourists, where they have the chance to learn more about the Arctic Circle and Lapland. As we were supposed to integrate the Roosevelt cabin, we built our tourist experience […]

Arctic.Circlers in town

Last week we finally started to work on our Destination Development Project in Rovaniemi. We able to rent the university’s car and made us on our way. After a brief tutoring with Teija on Friday we visited the Santa Claus Village were we could have a look into the Roosevelt Cottage. Actually, we were really […]

Introducing myself!

Tanja’s first Blog! As the title already tells, my name is Tanja. I am from Austria, Upper Austria – born and raised, and I have just completed my first year of studying at the University of Applied Science Krems. Just one week after I turned 20 I found myself sitting in Flight AY766 to Rovaniemi – The Official Hometown of Santa Claus. This is now already 3 […]