This is what I really didn’t expect from Rovaniemi! The heritage site?!

On our way to the Roosevelt's house

On our way to the Roosevelt’s house

On 2nd November we met Elsi Malkki and she explained us the task. So, you know there is the Roosevelt house in the Santa Claus Holiday Village, which acts as a museum. The thing is that the place is not attractive enough for tourists comparing to Santa taking all the attention living right next to it. Next year, Rovaniemi Development Oy will renovate the house and wants to bring something new into it, develop an experience for its customers. So, the commissioner set off a challenge for us: come up with something that will appeal to tourists but something that won’t be connected to the Santa brand.

The exhibition space of the Roosevelt's (aka the Arctic Circle) House

The exhibition space of the Roosevelt’s (aka the Arctic Circle) House

After we had our brainstorming session, moving from one idea to another, we decided that it’d be way better to see the house with our very own eyes, so we jumped in a car and headed to the destination.

When we came, we saw the small cottage, or as I’d call it an ‘izba’. The inside of the museum looked spacious and had 2 long tables on both sides of the living room. The tables were glazed and historical facts with pictures gazed up on us from under the surface. We figured that the Roosevelt house is

The place is somagical that even antlers suddenly grew on the top of Linda's head

The place is somagical that even antlers suddenly grew on the top of Linda’s head

actually the Arctic Circle history house too. The clarification came! This house will be one of the spots to learn about the Arctic Circle history! We decided to pay a visit to the airport and to the Arctic Center to see if they have any hints for us.

Afterwards, we had another brainstorming session and came up with a historical Thematic Guided Tour and a Self-guiding Application for the visitors and made a presentation together.

But now, we’ve got another challenge: that is beat the Dalarna’s groups in the instagram competition! Help us make Rovaniemi more popular by following our account on Instagram:

See you soon 😉

Reindeer are leaping onto my shoulder. I bet it's a good sign ;)

Reindeer are leaping onto my shoulder. I bet it’s a good sign 😉