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Suomi 100-workshop

In HTHIC conference one of the most inspiring events for me was the Suomi 100-workshop where we focused on designing a futures museum in the year 2040 and how the term would change. The Workshop was first based with a short session of the most general terms and practices in museums. The idea was to […]

Using Augmented Reality in Tourism

Augmented Reality has a certain futuristic ring to the name. But it’s already in use on multiple industries: construction, education and architecture for example. The AR industry is developing and changing constantly as new breakthroughs and innovations surface. We now can also provide security and sustainability to heritage sites with AR – the innovations allow […]

Heritage in, for, and as Sustainability

I have a confession to make; heritage didn’t mean much to me before I began to understand the basics of heritage in tourism. I knew about UNESCO World Heritage (UWH) sites, and about heritage as other physical places, and culture as history and traditions, but I had no idea what this meant from the perspective […]

Nadine is here

Dear Reader, My name is Nadine. I am a student in Lapland Univercity of Applied Siences. I study Tourism and Hospitality Management. I was born in a small town called Petrozavodsk, Karelia Republic. I am Russian but currently living in Finland.   As a part of my sudies I go to UNESCO conference. Now I […]