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We’re all like detectives in life.

Hey! I’m Eetu, originally from Rovaniemi, but for now I’m living in Helsinki trying to balance between working life and finishing my studies. Tough life. I’m finishing my studies in Lapland University of Applied Sciences as a Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management. I have wanted to participate in a UNESCO conference since I started […]

Nadine is here

Dear Reader, My name is Nadine. I am a student in Lapland Univercity of Applied Siences. I study Tourism and Hospitality Management. I was born in a small town called Petrozavodsk, Karelia Republic. I am Russian but currently living in Finland.   As a part of my sudies I go to UNESCO conference. Now I […]

Who am I?

Hey ya´ll! I am Anette, a student from Lapland University of Applied Sciences. This is my fourth and final year of studying tourism and hospitality in Rovaniemi. I have no idea of what I am going to do after graduation, therefore do not ask me that! I have really enjoyed studying in Rovaniemi, because it is […]

Mission accomplished!

On Tuesday we had our final presentation, where we presented our ideas and introduced our project. Therefor, we came up with a unique experience for inquisitive tourists, where they have the chance to learn more about the Arctic Circle and Lapland. As we were supposed to integrate the Roosevelt cabin, we built our tourist experience […]