Finally we could start our Project and explore Rovaniemi! Our idea is to create an Arctic Circle Tour in Rovaniemi, sounds exciting right? Our group started yesterday with a trip to Santa Village to explore the Roosevelt Cabin, the first house at the Arctic Circle. To make everyone know that we are there we took the school car and of course made great pictures over there!

Arriving at Santa Village :)

Arriving at Santa Village 🙂

The cabin itself is really small but the information inside are really interesting and exciting! It is really nice that the cabin still looks like it looked when Eleanor Roosevelt came to Lapland.  We had so much fun exploring the Arctic Circle, as you can see in our small Video below.

Today we went to the Airport in Rovaniemi since you almost land on the Arctic Circle when arriving here. Afterwards we visited the Arktikum to learn more about the live at the Arctic Circle. It was really interesting and I am curious how our project will look like in the end. After all of our field trips we sat together to work on our Tour. I have to say we are a great group and every single one of us is eager to create something great! No I bet all of you are already curious what will happen next and how the final Project will look like, right? So hang on and stay warm!


P.S.: Since today you can find us on Instagram as well! We are the #arctic.circlers. So don’t hesitate to follow us and see on great pictures what we are exploring!