We arrived safely back home Saturday night after a long journey and some delays on the way. The week went by fast and we had lot of fun, saw new places and met new exciting people.

It was really interesting to make cooperation with masters students from Dalarna University and see how they work. As we noticed while doing the group work with them, that they are used to work theoretically and we DPT students in more practical way. It was good combination and I feel that all the groups came up with awesome new ideas of how to develop Dalarna region touring in the future.


Girls in Stockholm. Photo by Bea-Lina Holmberg

On Thursday in Borlänge all the groups presented they ideas and we got home about 8 o ‘clock in the evening. The studying part of the week was over and we got the whole Friday free. We decided to take morning train to Stockholm and visit the capital of Sweden. As it happened we had our own personal guide there since one of the students had friend living in Stockholm and she came with us and showed us around the city.

Gamla Stan, the old part of Stockholm. Photo by me

Gamla Stan, the old part of Stockholm. Photo by me

I have visited Stockholm over 10 years ago, and it was really nice to go back there and see how the city ha changed. The Old town was still lovely and it is so nice to just wander the small streets and stop for a coffee and Swedish cinnamon bun. We also saw the Royal Palace that is situated in Gamla Stan, but unfortunately we did not have time to visit inside of the palace since it closes quite early on Fridays.

Hopefully in the future other students will also have a change to visit Dalarna region and make cooperation with other students from other university. The best thing about the trip was to be able to visit and get to know a destination that I probably would have never visited!