It’s been a couple of days since the intensive course to Dalarna Sweden ended. And oh boy have I needed this time to recharge! Or well. Not too much of recharging as I needed to start preparing my next trip already the minute we got back to Rovaniemi, immediately facing the long 5 hour ride in darkness to Rautavaara. But, I like long rides as they give you time to think, reflect. And here’s what came to my mind during that ride.

The intensive course in Dalarna was definitely intense, no doubts about that of any sorts. It is crazy how you can work under pressure and still manage to create something that seems technically possible product concept. Even if we did not really learn any new theories or anything, the practical value about working with different type of people was the real educational part of this intensive course. We also got to see some wonderful places and see heart of Sweden, or at least that’s how it felt like from time to time.

To me, the heart of Borlänge formed to be CaféPeace&Love which was a littl coffee shop we found with Mari while the others were enjoying their time in Stockholm. This coffee shop was full of authentic and cozy feeling that just warmed your heart. It was definitely an experience of all senses! Probably wasn’t able to create emotional change in me, but as it filled my needs and made me feel comfortable, I take that as enough for now. 😉 Maybe someday I’ll be more critical?

Alright. It is time to move on to next challenges and headings now. With the little Dalarna Horse Lumo in my pocket, and Nuuskis in my bag we are taking over the rest of the world now!

Dala Horse Lumo and Nuuskis

Little Dala Horse Lumo and Nuuskis Ready 2 Go! Photo: Tuuli Pulkkinen

Tuuli, logging out now.