My journey to Dalarna starts from Sunday morning. It will take me a whole day to get to Borlange, a small city in Dalarna with a significant historical meaning to the Region. We are going to stay in Borlange for 5 days at a hostel. I hope we’ll learn a lot of new things, make a few more nice friends and the hostel’s room will have enough space for me and my friends live together.

As I know, Dalarna is one of the most visited destinations in Sweden. It is considered as ‘the heart of Sweden’ due to its ability to preserve and reflect Swedish traditions and customs through a mix of cultural events and festivals such as Musik Vid Siljan, Orsa Yran and Dala Horse handicraft which captivate tourists all over the world and all year around. It would be fantastic if I can take part in these events, in order to experience the festive atmosphere, to be able to feel the cheerfulness, joyfulness and peace of this place.


People dancing in the cultural festival. Photo by VisitDalarna. 2016

Falun is as the capital of Dalarna. It has one of the oldest copper mines, Falu Gruva, which is a part of Falun World Heritage Site. I can’t wait to visit this place as it plays an important role in the history and wealth of Sweden. I am also looking forward to going deep down of the mine, to have an amazing experience of how miners work and an insight of the history of Falun Gruva.


Copper Mine in Falun. Photo by O,Jord. 2014

We are also going to visit Carl Larsson garden. This is a house of a very famous Swedish artist or painter, Carl Larsson and his wife. It is said that his paintings exhibited inside were inspired and outlined based on his house. The garden is also pretty. People say you’ll feel love and romance as you walk through the garden and while having a cup of coffee.


Carl Larsson Painting. Photo by VisitDalarna. 2014

In overall, I am really excited for this ‘cultural adventure’, I would say. In term of my pre-experience, The Dalarna Region has a big potential to become an international tourism destination in the near future, especially for Swedish art and design lovers.