Hello all,

The week has face the “last working day” and the packing panic starts to catch, it’s only two days before the departure to Dalarna! In the heart of Sweden, as the destination have described itself by VisitDalarna, we’ll have an intensive week of learning with the co-operation university. The schedule for the week seemed pretty intensive, starting with 24 hour traveling with bus and train! It’s gonna be an adventure…

I am still actually quite happily going there. It’s something different to daily routine and I have anyways my great friends surrounded the whole time. What would go wrong…? 😀 At the moment I feel the course have served well by its structure. The hard part was though get to know the topic by reading numerous scientific articles and writing papers, but after all when we concluded it all by having a lecture from responsible teacher in the university it wrapped the ideas, learning objectives and goals of the study unit the way that it is convenient and interesting to actually go visit the facilities and do the work in the actual environment.

To briefly explain the course: we are supposed to learn how to utilize World Heritage Site of UNESCO – in this case Falun Copper Mine in Dalarna – for the use of tourism. The biggest problems around it have been now identified and it is not an easy task! Have to take care of all the local actors from different fields with different opinions and values and put into one combo. Really more easily said than done. But, I still believe if we would make it work, it will be fun and for all good. 🙂 So, let me know continue the preparations for the holiday, I wish you all a lovely weekend! <3

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Packing in process! At least I won’t get cold…