The first thing I ever knew about Dalarna, is the red wooden Dala horse, I even have my very own! When I got it I was a small child and used it a toy, so now it is probably stored somewhere with other toys or given into charity. Therefore I have planned to buy a new one.

Since my childhood home is right on the border of Finland and Sweden I have visited Sweden more than several times! And I think that is the reason it does not really feel like being abroad. Therefore I’m exited to travel deeper in Sweden, even though this is not my first time in Dalarna region! Many years ago I was in Mora with my family, when my dad took part in the Vasaloppet skiing competition. As far as I remember the competition actually was a great attraction for tourist as well and during the competition there were a lot of people in the small city of Mora.

Me and my 2 siblings in Mora. Picture by: Mirja Nousiainen

Me and my 2 siblings in Mora. Picture by: Mirja Nousiainen

It will be interesting the visit other places in the region as well. This will be a first time to me to visit a mine that is turned into tourism attraction. I have visited the Kiruna mine a long time ago, and cannot remember much of it. I am looking forward to develop the destination together with the Swedish students, and see if we have any ideas for them, since we come from outside and possibly see the destination somehow differently!

After a few days I will get back to you with the on site post, and tell what is going on!