I’ll start this blog post by saying that I am absolutely awful at writing publishable introductions about myself, but I’ll give it a shot!

So my name is Emmi-Lotta, but everybody calls me just Emmi. My name was supposed to be Lotta, but my parents had a cat named Lotta when I was born so Emmi was the name that stuck. I come from South-Eastern part of Finland. The little town is called Imatra and it is so close to Russia that sometimes you might hear more Russian than Finnish while walking around.

I can’t really say how I ended up moving from Imatra to Rovaniemi. It was a pure accident. Just one of those things in life that just happens and you decide to go with it. It was the best accident though. I’ve lived here for three years now and yet it feels like it’s always been my home.

The trickiest part of this I think is to describe myself as a person. Quirky, fun(ny), energetic, very emotional and shy are some words that come to mind after some soul searching. Some things that I like are scouting, nature, cats (!!!), reading, writing, netflix and this song.

Picture of happy me

Once I was happy and my friend took a picture.
Photo: Aino Malinen

I’ve studied Russian longer than I’ve studied Swedish, so I’m nervous about the study trip to Sweden. Usually if I try to speak Swedish, nothing comes out of my mouth. I’m looking forward to it though. I love to travel and meet new people!

Oh yeah and I’m 23 and study tourism!

Bye for now! Love: Emmi