There is only few days before the departure and adventure to Dalarna begins. The excitement has been building up quite high the closer the trip gets!

While doing the pre-assignments for this study course and naturally for the trip, we got to be familiarizing ourselves with the region of Dalarna more closely, and it is seeming to be a very interesting place for visit. There is going to be so much to see there! And, naturally, while doing the assignments concerning this course and getting deeper knowledge of the destination, the all possible thoughts about what could be developed and how and what do to started circulating in my head, even though the exact assignment that we are going to complete in Sweden and all it’s details are not even revealed to us yet! It’s crazy how creative your brains get when there is something interesting to think about.

Reika-dog sitting in luggage.

All essentials packed for Sweden! Little Reika was so disappointed when she realized she cannot join the trip! Photo: Tuuli Pulkkinen


Although I personally have not traveled in Sweden really, except for short visits to Haparanda of course, we had a Study Tour in Northern Sweden autumn of 2014. That was a very nice experience, so I am expecting a lot from this study trip too! It’ll be nice to be able to see more Southern part of Sweden. Also, since in many places the Dalarna region was characterized to be ‘heart of Sweden’ or ‘Sweden in miniature’, I’m very excited to see how this is visible in the region, and naturally to get more into Swedish culture and compare it to Finnish culture.

Sunset in Aitik Mine.

Sunset at Aitik Mine in Gällivare during our Study Tour in the North 2014. So waiting to get memorable experience in Sweden again! Photo: Tuuli Pulkkinen


So, there some pre-vibes about the upcoming trip! Stay tuned for more later, Tuuli logging out!♥