On a snowy hill near Rovaniemi (Stukolkina 2016)

Rovaniemi is my hometown. In past 4 years that I spent here, I learned it far and wide and, still I keep finding new, undiscovered places. Any season that comes to Rovaniemi, be it autumn or summer, turns the town into a beautiful piece of work any time of the year! But of course, here, winter lasts the longest and attracts tons of tourists for a reason, that is the creamy sunsets. 😉

The antlery friend I met not far from Rovaniemi (2014)

The antlery friend I met not far from Rovaniemi (2014)

I love this place because every now and then I meet animals roaming nearby. Last week, for insance, I stumbled across a fox crossing the road. What a shame I did not have my camera at that time! But I have a picture of a reindeer for you. I have to say, you really, never know when you will come across someone like this! Where else can a person experience such a nearness to nature?


Near Ounasvaara ski-jumb (March 2014)


Another exotic thing here is the never-ending twilight from early autumn to late spring. I think it has its charm, although quite often I feel a need of swallowing a bucket of coffee to wake up, so dark it is.

For sure, my pre-experience of this place cannot possibly be a pre-experience anymore, but during this course, I hope to explore some new places with my groupmembers. Maybe, the students who still sees Rovaniemi “with fresh eyes” will help me to seek something that will facinate and surprise me again!