Hello everyone! I am Tuuli, coming from Eastern Finland but have been living in Rovaniemi for the past years because of my tourism studies. I study in Lapland University of Applied Sciences and this is my fourth, and last, year of studying. Currently I’m also writing my thesis, which is about making a business plan for my own wedding company.

Shortly about this study unit; I must say I am quite excited about going to Sweden and be part of this project. Everything sounds so interesting, and of course, it is always very intriguing to go to another country! But enough about study issues, let me tell about myself a bit more in personal level!

I’m originally from a small town called Rautavaara, but since our family has a summer cottage in Inari, Lapland has always had a special place in my heart and I simply can’t get enough of it. I have always been very close to nature, which is why living in a city has sometimes been somewhat of an issue to me. My hobbies are also very much connected to the nature; I love hunting, fishing and photographing, and just simply wandering in the nature getting lost in my thoughts.

One of the most precious things in my life is Reika. Reika is a small münsterländer (a hunting dog, would you have guessed!) and she is three years old. My little baby. ♥

Tuuli and Reika hunting

Me and my baby Reika hunting in Kolmiloppisenvaara. Photo: Tuuli Pulkkinen

I suppose that’s about everything you need to know about me right now! This is a short introduction, but you probably get at least some sort of image what kind of person is behind this particular post.


So, love and hugs from Lapland! Tuuli, logging out now!