Hi there,

this time from Dalarna! Our pilgrimage took about one whole day. Nevertheless, we arrived safely, and now we’re here!

At the moment, I am observing the wildlife of Dalarna from our hostel’s window. The magpie seems to be as fascinated by watching me as I seem to be by watching the magpie.

Except for the wildlife observations, we got acquainted with the local university, local students (who come from 16 various countries)…


Photo by: Gloria Trevisiol

and the local sight-seeings.

The most fascinating start of our “day out” was the Great Copper Mountain in Falun. Our guide shared a lot of fascinating stories about the way miners worked in the mine in the Middle Ages. Or the one about the Lady of the Mine. Or Kåre the Goat.


Kåre of the Copper Mine


The second part of this cultural heritage, of Sweden, the Master Miner’s Estate, is located in Staberg.

Except for the above mentioned UNESCO heritage and an abundance of Dala horses, we got to see some rather curious objects in the Dalarna museum.


Dalarna Guitars: Hagstrom


Peter Johansson’s Concept of Violence












As it is apparent from the these pictures, we are full of new information, impressions and really tired from all the walking, all there’s left to do now is get our heads together and come up with a tour concept where we try re-interpreting Dalarna’s cultural heritage.

I am not yet sure what ideas we will come up with, but since our group’s members are getting along so well, it should be pretty interesting.

Photo by: Team Delightful Dalarna

Team Delightful Dalarna Looking Forward to their Group Working