It’s Senni writing. I am a 21-year-old student living in Rovaniemi. I have enjoyed living here since 2013, when I started my Tourism studies in Lapland UAS. I come from the southern part of Finland, from a small town called Urjala.

I am a happy person with cheeky features. Since I have lived the most of my life in the countryside, I am used in doing things with my hands and really enjoy the outdoors. I love wandering in the forest, preferably not alone since I’m a little afraid of wild beasts. My free time is spent by hanging with my friends, being outdoors and traveling. Naturally watching movies and finding needless information from the internet has its place in my timetable too.


In these views I grew up. Photo: Senni Jokela

I have actually participated a study trip in Sweden before, we had a course called Study Tour in the North two years ago. It was an amazing way of studying by being able to be in new places, seeing new things and spend time with my fellow students. I am really looking forward to spend a week in Sweden, hopefully we will learn tons of new things and have a lot of fun!

Treehotel in Harrods Photo: Senni Jokela

Treehotel in Harrods
Photo: Senni Jokela

Till my next post,