Hello all,

It has been already couple of days back in home at Rovaniemi. Even though the last week in Sweden was quite heavily loaded when putting it all (studying, traveling & other practical arrangements on-site) together, it was the perfect timing for that kind of intensive study trip. This is our last semester when everybody are still together with study units and yesterday we had the last lecture so it was good to “close it” with this trip. Cannot help the nostalgic feelings!

Thinking about the topic of the course, developing a destination, was though perfect for my thesis work, as my thesis is about sustainable development of tourism with a local nature and environmentalist stakeholder Green Care Lapland. The issues of organizing co-operation inside specific region beyond different sectors and being ecological were two main topics on the table in Sweden and of course during the whole course. I got some more insights and material for the work, now I have to just know how to use them wisely haha. Sometimes I get too excited about my thesis, that I get sideways with it, let’s see… At least I got ideas about developing a destination and the topic itself nearer my heart. I learned as well, that we shouldn’t be too narrowed with our thoughts when driving tourism forward. Tourism itself as it has been maybe understood in the past won’t grow or develop a region. The sustainability issues should be really taken into account socially, environmentally and economically speaking.

Stockholm Dalarna University Lapland University of Applied Sciences Study trip

Gamla Stan in Stockholm

From here it is good to continue future idea generations among the topics!

P.S. The last day we decided to spend to discover Stockholm, which was great idea to do! I haven’t ever visited the place, and cannot wait to go there again!