It is time to say goodbye. The end of the subject is here. Today we had our last presentation where whe have explained our final idea well-developped and I think it went quite good. I have good feelings. The best of all is that thanks to this project now I am able to see Rovaniemi from another point of view. Since I am here it was all abo
ut nature and Santa Claus, but now I know it can be seen from the cultural side and it is really interesting as well.

I still have two months to stay here, and next week my brother is coming to visit me. When we will be in Santa Claus Village, I am going to show and explain him the history of the Roosvelt Cabin. I like when I study something and then I can spread my knowledge among other people.

I’ve enjMe in Santa Claus Village oyed these days, it was funny to go and discover about the new city I am living in. I hope I can come again in a near future, and see how the city developed the idea of making it more cultural. If they have done any change in the Roosvelt cabin as they were thinking or if everything stays just like before. maybe they use some of the ideas we had; that would be great!

Well I just want to add that it has been a pleasure to be here in Lapland, to have meet all of you, and to get to know other ways of studying and learning.