HTHIC stands for Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality International Conference, that was held for the 3rd time. I got to attend this conference with four of my classmates. The theme of the conference was that, how can destinations successfully bring more tourists to different heritage sites, and simultaneously preserve the cultural and natural heritage of these sites? The conference was held in Pori, near the Rauma heritage sites Old Rauma town and Sammallahdenmäki.

Attending the conference was a huge honor, because I got to listen to interesting speeches about topics I did not know much about. The conference lasted for three days, and was fully packed with a lot of information. My personal favorite session was about linkages between film commissions and production companies, and how tourism and the film industry go hand in hand. I had never really heard much about this topic, therefore it was very eye opening. What really stuck to my head about this topic, was that it is a very lucrative issue. The film industry is also a tourism and territorial marketing tool, and it is also affected by policy and finance domains. The film industry together with tourism can really benefit the local businesses if done right. I also got to hear about Harri Sippola´s Moderni Kanuuna Films, and about film production in the Pori area.

All in all, after this session I got interested in hearing more about the film tourism industry and how it can help preserving heritage sites. I learned about the negatives and the positives, and I really want to read more researches done about the topic.

This was taken on the last day of the conference. The whole team together! Picture from: Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä. 2017.

Here you can see me happily posing with a cardboard picture of a woman working in a factory. Picture: Nadine Sviridova. 2017.

This was taken on the last day of the conference. Picture: Anette Peltola. 2017.