Picture: Nadine Sviridova. 2017.

Rauma is a city located in the Satakunta region. Rauma is the third oldest city in Finland, and it was founded in 1442. Rauma has an UNESCO heritage site called Vanha Rauma, which is protected because it has special importance. I had the opportunity to go and see

Picture: Nadine Sviridova. 2017.

Vanha Rauma (Old Rauma), and get to know its tourism and how its being marketed and branded.

Rauma does not spend much money on marketing its World Heritage site Vanha Rauma, or their other heritage site Sammallähdenmäki. Rauma wants to keep tourism in a rather low amount, and definitely does not want to have mass tourism. Rauma uses social media to market itself, and these heritage sites. They use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, Visit Rauma webpages and brochures.

Rauma does not have a marketing plan or a strategy, they are just going with the flow. I think it would be beneficial for them to have a marketing plan for these heritage sites, in order to attract tourists who are interested in heritage tourism. Perhaps even tourists who are not particularly interested in heritage sites, would get interested or at least appreciate the fact that Rauma has UNESCO sites. What became clear was that Rauma wants to keep the tourism flow low, and keep the feel of a small quiet town alive. It is important that the residents in Old Rauma, can live their lives normally and feel that Rauma is their hometown and not just a tourism destination.


Pictues: Nadine Sviridova. 2017.