It’s day one in Borlagne. We are about to get a lecture and get to find who we going to be grouped with. We may be going for a barbecue later in the evening. The lecture about the Dalarna region was very educative. We met the Swedish students. They are very nice and welcoming. Here we are waiting to find out our group members.

Wow! The Swedish students have decided to organize a party for us tomorrow night – fun, fun! I am looking forward to it already. The pioneer of the party is in my group. Andreea you rock! We are trying to come up with a name for our group. It’s so difficult. Okay, we settled for SantaHorse.

SantaHorse Team

SantaHorse Team

Haha! Santa of Rovaniemi is on the horse from Dlarana – awesome! We are now going home to prepare for this evening’s barbecue. So many people at the barbecue. I love it. The barbecue looks scrumptious and tastes scrumptious. Thanks Albina – you’re the coolest lecturer ever. Ah Teija you are cool too.

Day two we are heading to Falu Gruva – the mine.


On the bus

To the Falu Gruva

The mine looks rock solid. It is so old no one can remember its inception. How fortuitous that those miners were not in the mine when it collapsed. The guide is awesome. He knows his stuff like a taxidermist. The goat and the lady of the mine story are really interesting – the latter is a bit spooky.


The exit tunnel

The exit tunnel


Goat The Discoverer

Goat The Discoverer

We are now heading to the Dalarna museum. It looks so good inside. I am among history and mystery.

In the Museum

Dalarna Museum

We’re all done now. We’re going for lunch woohoo. It’s party time tonight. Let’s got get some drinks.

The party has started. We are partying hard. Let’s keep on rocking. Tomorrow we’ll start our project.

Day three we are brain storming trying to come up with ideas on out to reinterpret and develop a destination. After four hours, I think we’ve found an idea. Let’s go groupies. It was long day. But we are almost there tomorrow we finish it off and present it.

Day four, on the final touches of our idea. I think we are ready to stun the rest of the groups. Our idea is the best, believe it! Wow! Hang on – the other groups have really good ideas. Let’s see how we go. Our idea got a very good feedback. We’re chuffed. After a long day, we’re winding down with some board games. We’re leaving Dalarna tomorrow. I have really enjoyed my time here. I hope to come back some day. Till then, I’ll keep reminiscing on this week.