Hej på dej! Hej alla kompisar ;D 

Sweden, it has been a while since we have met. As a pre-experience, I have had f.ex. some football events there.

With our group, we have completed the Pre-Assignment to get to know better the Dalarna region. (Taalainmaa for you my dear Finnish readers). Borlänge and Falun are the biggest cities in this specific region. It is famous from Copper Mine, red-painted wooden houses<3, folk culture and of course Dala horse!! I knew the horse but didn’t know Dalarna is the origin place. Finally it is logical it’s coming from there, especially when we are having now better picture about the destination. Amazing to travel to this important region of Sweden.

Sweden and Swedish things! :) (WeHeartit 2016)

Sweden and Swedish things! 🙂 (Picture: WeHeartit 2016)

I am having Swedish language course going on in this semester, so waiting for to put it into the action. 😉 haha! Also I have just realized couple of my Erasmus friends are from Dalarna University! Of course! 😀 Small world.

We are off to go at 11 o’clock tomorrow… I have been pretty excited, and today I have focused to the action with preparing all the necessary. It is so great to go! I thought I piled only the important things, but when comparing the travel case looks small finally.. 😉 I can say level by level my general packing (and maybe blogging) is better, reaching the travelling with little amount of stuff.

I am still thinking the functionality with clothing. (Maybe my next research can be about how to be elegant-functional-business-casual at the same time..) But I think to take pretty similar clothes as I would use in Finland. It looks it would be mostly cloudy in the destination. I hope to take jogging equipments to go as well.

Middle Summer traditions in Dalarna (VisitDalarna 2014)

Middle Summer’s traditions in Dalarna (VisitDalarna 2014)

In my expectations, the next week is going to be intensive, interesting and it includes fun. I am excited to travel to the region and get to know with characteristic sides of Tourism for our neighbor country; To get new perspective and how it differences f.ex from Finland.  I have got the interest to get know Sweden better. Hope we will be innovative with learning new things. Hope we will have good ideas to give.  I think this study unit is great! Thanks for Teija, Albina and Outi a lot about organizing it.

And I have a piece of mud cake with me for travelling. And book. And knitting work. Here we come Sweden ! 🙂

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Pus och kram! (Picture: Maria Hirvilammi 2016)