Starting a new adventure: Lapland

On September 5th this year I started my semester abroad in Lapland, or should I better say in Rovaniemi? In this blog I would like to keep you updated of my Finnish adventures, my experiences and my new friends. Furthermore I want to introduce the city of Rovaniemi and the given heritage to you on behalf of my study unit at MTI Lapland.

The small city of Rovaniemi, with about 60.000 inhabitants, is the capital of Finnish Lapland. Here you can find beautiful lakes and lots of trees, typically Finnish! Other than that you can probably do every outdoor activity that you can think of in this awesome area. The picture below shows a campfire that we held with some students on top of Ounasvaara hill, where we live close by. From the observation tower you can see in the background you have an amazing view over the city lights of Rovaniemi by night.

Sunset at Ounasvaara hill (Photo: Lilly Denninger)

Nevertheless I do not want to hide the best attribute of Rovaniemi: It is the official hometown of Santa Clause! Isn’t this amazing?! You can visit him 365 days a year at Santa Clause Village.

To be continued…