My name is Maria, but everybody is calling me Maaru, since my childhood. I got this nickname from my African babysitter in Ethiopia. One day, back in Finland, when I randomly googled the name, it meant “tummy” in some Finnish dialect. Weird and funny.

My official name is Anna Maria, and I have got the name from both of my grannies, to be sure that names will be carried to the next generation if I would be the only girl in family. Luckily I was not because I got two dear little sisters. And our big brother have been keeping care of us well.

Hi! (photo: Maria Hirvilammi)

Hi! (photo: Maria Hirvilammi)

(photo: Maria Hirvilammi)

On the way to Uni’s Library (photo: Maria Hirvilammi)

I am lucky to live and study in Rovaniemi, with lot of nature in daily life. Because I really enjoy outdoors. I have always been doing walks in the nature; since first little trecks with my dad on the Ethiopian landscape. Then in Finnish nature f.ex. during many scout camps, During my Au pair months on the Hiking trails in New Paltz, New York (in good balance with shopping of course) and on the Middle-Europe’s mountains during my Erasmus in Hungary. 

Other sports are important as well and now my favs are BodyPump and some dance lessons. I play piano and enjoy singing. As well decorating and home designing.

Beautiful Colors!

Beautiful Colors! (photo: Maria Hirvilammi)

When I was six years old, we moved to Finland, so I feel that I am from City of Oulainen. Oulainen is situated in Middle of Finland, West part of it. You can visit also an amazing web-camera to see what is happening there right now! 😉 The main Events in Oulainen are “Old Machine/Power Days” full with tractors and big second hand shop. And the another event is “Music Week of Oulainen” with variation of different music perfomances. The audience of the Music Week is mostly from cities and villages near-by.

My expectations to the Study Unit

I am happy to join the project, and to have the opportunity to develop the World Heritage site. Personally, the project is a new and deeper approach to the neighbor country, even Sweden is geographically near. I am here to learn and open-minded for this interesting project.

Keep in touch! 😛

With kisses, Maaru

Ps. Senior year going on (and perhaps biking competition?)

Biking all around