Yesterday night at 9 pm, we finally arrived at our sweet home! However, when I start to write my last blog now, I feel that I start to miss Bolange and people we met here during this trip.

There is no perfect trip. I should admit that transportation made us feel disappointed sometimes. Yet most of things during this trip were better than my expectations, especially concerning to our accommodation. I really enjoyed discussing whole-day experience with my lovely classmates during every nights in the warm and sweet dining room of hostel.

Besides, one thing made me feel enjoyable was group work. We almost finished our group work within 6 hours. Every group members tried to contribute their own ideas. The product created by our group is called “Visit Your Dalarna”, which is a mobile application for providing trip, accommodation and restaurant information with tourists.  I really hope our idea can be realized and enhance the development of tourism in Dalarna region.

Our group photo after presentation Photo by Elise Dorcier

Our group photo after presentation
Photo by Elise Dorcier

After two-day busy group work and presentation, we finally got a free day to visit the capital of Sweden-“Stockholm”. I have totally fallen in love with city after visiting. In my opinion, it is a big city with  a strong cultural and historical atmosphere. We went to visit Gamla Stan where is full of churches, museum and palaces. It was so enjoyable to walk on the small street of this old town.

My amazing company Photo by Tian Tang

My amazing company
Photo by Tian Tang

I finally bought some souvenirs about Dala Horse.

My sovennir Photo by Tian Tang

My souvenirs
Photo by Tian Tang

In sum, completing this study unit was not an easy process for me. Especially during the beginning stage, we needed to read a lot of academic reading materials for understanding the issue related to heritage and authenticity. For some articles, I need to read two or three times for making sure that I have really understood and known how to reflect them into reflecting paper. However, this process have made me learn a lot, and let me have an early preview of master study.  Besides, intensive group work was really a challenge for us. Yet it was fun to work under pressure, which actually motivated our potentials. Finally, I want to say goodbye to my last study trip in my university life, and I will never forget it.

Photo by Ed Gregory

Photo by Ed Gregory

Tian Tang