No, I have never written one before! It always seemed like something only talented writers could get done. And I just got stuck on the title and first sentence.

Since I’m going to tell you about myself, let me start with my defining quality; researching before opening my mouth to talk about things I know nothing about. For this post, I spend a good few hours figuring out how to start talking about myself. In the end, I just decided to be my honest self, no smart quotes or questions.

About two and half years ago, I made the decision to move to Lapland to study. This is my sixth year of studying tourism, and third year in taking my Bachelor’s Degree of Tourism and Hospitality in Lapland UAS. Originally, I’m from Seinäjoki, Southern Ostrobothnia, almost 550 km from Rovaniemi. I have a big and very loud family, and being apart was difficult in the beginning, but now I’m happy to come back to Rovaniemi for some peace and quiet.


By the seaside in Slovenia in December

From this past year, I spent around nine months of it in Slovenia. Due to lack of fitting courses in the exchange, I got a little behind on my plans to graduate earlier. I believe I still will, just a little later than originally planned, and with a lot more work in shorter time. This exchange opportunity really woke my desires to travel and explore more. In addition to travelling I have always been a big fan of reading fantasy, historical, science, or science fiction books. Movies and series in the same categories also get me interested.



At more than 1600 m above sea level

Now my studies in Lapland UAS are taking me to the Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality, International Conference 2017, which is hosted this year in Pori, Finland. I will be attending to several topics about sustainability and heritage, which of I will be writing to you next week.

Sustainability is something very close to my heart. I was originally driven to this subject over ecological issues around the globe, and found in the past four years, that sustainability consists of so much more than just the ecological side. Heritage, in theory or practice, I’m not that familiar with. So, while most conference participants might be looking these topics, as sustainability being built
around heritage, for me the heritage is being built around


This is about it for this time, I will be getting back to you next week with experiences from the Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality conference.

Nina Hautamäki