For a while now, people have been asking questions of what do I want to do after I graduate. This question has been difficult for me to answer, as I had no idea where my professional journey is going to take me. Let’s discuss what happened to me during this HTHIC 2017 -conference.

Great Variety of Speakers

Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality International Conference 2017 came to an end last Saturday, and speakers from around the world shared their ideas, studies, and experiences. This conference wasn’t what I was expected, but so much more.

The conference started with a keynote from Markku Wilenius, a researcher and a professor of Future Studies, who’s latest project focuses on future cities and communities. He presented this project of Turku as the capital of the world’s most beautiful archipelago. Wilenius’ keynote was followed by many great speakers, and the idea of combining his subject, and sustainable tourism, grew in my mind into a thesis subject.

Markku Wilenius Presenting Focus Points for Destination Planning

Destination management and development should take into account four main areas, attraction, competitiveness, sustainability, and wellbeing, according to Markku Wilenius. These areas, and sub-areas, would be considered in the development process and maintained with the management plan in my possible thesis of this subject.

Plans for the Future

You may very well see my bachelor’s thesis be about heritage and culture tourism from destination development perspective. And from there? I might continue studies specialising into this field, or I might end up working somewhere abroad, hopefully in tourism destination development. Maybe even both at their own time.


Nina Hautamäki