Hi again!

Time for another change of wallpapers, so it seems. This time, my study mates and I are going to visit a county of the Swedish neighbour of Finland –Dalarna.

To be honest, I had never heard of Dalarna before. I have been to Skåne…

Photo: Milan Košťál

…and to Stockholm…

Photo: Marta Stepniowska

…but Dalarna? Never heard of it.

This, of course, applies to the time before the “International Destination Development  Project” started. Now we are facing a task of making suggestions to further the tourism development in this region. Yet no one can actually develop anything without getting acquainted with it first; and it is there where I need to start too.

So, how do I discover Dalarna; you ask? Well, at this day and age, any healthy teenager would most likely answer: just google it! As funny as it sounds, the millennial might be not that far from truth. All the pictures of red houses and red horses…and trees! And did I mention the red horses? Come on, try it for yourselves!

Since I now know what it looks like there in Dalarna, a map is a good way to continue my research. Oh, so it’s not that far from Stockholm, figures. But wait a second; it’s not that far from Oslo either! I haven’t been to Oslo yet!

(Technical break due to Mari frantically checking the gaps in the Dalarna study programme in order to fit in some easy train connections to Oslo and back.)

So there’s the Great Copper Mountain and a garden on the study programme list. A mine and the garden of Carl Linnaeus. Wait a minute, Linnaeus…Flora Lapponica…?

I think I’ll keep Oslo for later. This time, I want to get to know Dalarna properly, so it seems.