Greetings from non-cold Rovaniemi!

We came back from our Dalarna trip safely, despite the family of  moose tried prolong our stay in the heart of Sweden – Stockholm by stopping our train for three hours. Nice try moose!, but maybe next time.
The most precious things what we can gather from travelling are moments and emotions which are saved in bank of our memory. The moments which we are shared with the others and the individual moments of truth. Our journey was full of replete transportation: minibus, bus, train. We went through different cities and towns in Sweden, from North to South and vice versus. It brings the additional hidden value to our journey. I familirized myself to Dalarna region, some area which I have never thought about. It has its own traditions, culture, heritage and science, at least in context of Dalarna University. After the trip I appriciate the value of our Finnish educational institution, because things which we got used to, such as cheap school meal, sport facilities, education which is free of charge – granted by the Finnish state and society, although the situation is totally different among the other countries. Sweden is a good example. I recognize the level of training and ability to utilize theory into practice of our MTI students in close to reality situations which was demonstrated during groupwork session.  I could see its reflection in final presentetions. In order to sum up: I gained a valuable and non-forgattable experience from the trip, made couple of new friends in Sweden, developed as a professional  in tourism field through study experience, and finally – enjoyed the last common study trip of DPT13. I would like to thanks each and every one from our study group for the interesting and valuable time together we had. Girls and Binh – you are the best! 🙂 Time is running.Time is running!