After returning back to Rovaniemi, some of us went straight to work shift in the following day. Luckily I had couple days to settle up after travelling. “Ai että!” I would say in Finnish. I have got new perspectives from our week in Sweden – the trip was fruitful.

It was AGAIN and STILL amazing to work in the International group. During our group working, we were discussing from where we are coming, the manners in the culture, the legislation related to the tourism practices and so on. And what comes to the project. It was intensive and challenging, and finally it started to open and get it results, to think new tourism practices into the region.

Dalahorse and me (picture: Sasha or Tity)

Dalahorse and me (picture: Sasha or Tity)

For me the study week was important. It was inspiring and was also acting as a “last trip” together with this class. We took even a “class photo” in the first day in Borlänge (some students from the class have gratuated from our Degree already thou).

With a great student colleagues in Stockholm

With a great student colleagues in Stockholm14712774_10209619456797353_6235560430733040583_o

I have still courses and Thesis going on after this so I think a trip will effect positively to them. With its intensive program and a project related to Destination Management in final year, I can use these working & studying functions in my studies forward, and they are well related to the working life. I have got more systematic picture about handling the process in shorter time. (and it is good that Destination Development Management course was going on next to this, while they supported each other.)

The house of the main miner

The house of the Main Miner (Picture: Maria Hirvilammi)

(Picture: Maria Hirvilammi)

(Picture: MH)

At the Dalarna Museum (Picture: MH)

The famous paint at the Dalarna Museum (Picture: MH)

I have changed to the English Degree program afterwards; after one and half year Finnish program studies. So it has been all the time working with English language use (as well I think it has been to others in different levels). But I am SO HAPPY that I choose to change the program. It has been giving a lot.

In the first days of our trip we got snow in Rovaniemi. Well, during this week we have got luckily more so now we are able to see and enjoy it as well! =) <3

Winter day in Falun (Picture has been taken at DalarnasMuseum: MH)

Winter day in Falun
(Picture has been taken at DalarnasMuseum: MH)

Old times (picture: MH)

Old times
(picture: MH)

This is a last post so I am wishing a lot of good time among the studies, work and in other parts of life. Do and join the different projects – Tourism field is carring them a lot. They give much. See you in the new adventures! =)

The mine (picture: MH)

The mine
(picture: MH)

Take care

Kisses, Maaru