We are ready for Sweden! Just 14h to go!

I’ve discovered a lot of things about this region over this course, because before it I dind’t know the existence of this part of Sweden, so I’m very excited to go there and explore Börlange and all the Dalarna region.

Also I’m very excited to meet the Swedish colleagues and discover a new method of work. As a exchange student I was very surprised about the Finnish work method and I hope to learn a lot with the Swedish method too.

I think that this week it will be a great opportunity for me to meet new Nordic friends and spend time togheter with all my classmates (and also with our cool teacher Teija).

I think I’m going to miss Rovaniemi because after almost 2 months here it feels like home, and also I’m gonna miss my crazy flatmates, but I’m sure we are going to have great times all togheter in this long but exciting trip!

And also don’t forget our friend for 15h!


SJ Train (Pic from Rail Europe)

Thanks for reading and see you all tomorrow!

Ivette Andújar.