Back in town…

After some adventures in St. Petersburg in Russia and a trip to Norway including the North Cape, Alta and Tromsø I am back in town and ready to explore Rovaniemi…

Northern Lights in Lillefjord, Norway (Photo: Patrícia Krajmerová)

Northern Lights in Lillefjord, Norway (Photo: Patrícia Krajmerová)

Getting to know the Arctic…

Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland is worth a visit, for sure. But I don’t want to keep the status “tourist” or “exchange student” here. I want to check out the “real” Rovaniemi. That is why I am happy about this study unit in which we are exploring Rovaniemi and trying to develop its heritage in a new & innovative way.

After an introduction to the Arctic by Ilona Mettiäinen I am even keener to learn new things about this very interesting area in the North. By visiting the Arktikum we will gain new knowledge about the key values of the Arctic and about the history and lifestyle of Finnish people. We are very lucky that coincidentally this week there is the “Arctic Fury Film Festival” taking place at Arktikum. By watching some Finnish movies which mostly got rewarded, I hope to get to know the Finnish culture more.

Developing an unforgettable experience…

Moreover, I am very much looking forward to our meeting with Elsi Malkki at Rovaniemi Development Ltd. where we will learn more about the development of Rovaniemi and can have a discussion about the methods & techniques. This will help us a lot as we will develop an unprecedented experience for tourists visiting Rovaniemi.

I will keep you updated on our progress and on our ideas for creating new awesome, authentic & unforgettable experiences in Rovaniemi.

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P.S. It doesn’t stop getting colder and we had the first snow a few days ago (October!).

Winter is coming! (Source:

Winter is coming! (Source: