I was so excited to get to know more about Rovaniemi, not only about the city itself but its culture. We went to the Rovaniemi Development Centre and they told us about Roosvelt Cabin. This was the first cabin that was built in the Arctic Circle in 1950, the purpose of this cabbin was for the stay of Eleonor Roosvelt during their visit in Finland. It was really interesting but it was also quite challenging at that moment. We had to connect the Arctic Circle cabin with the cultural heritage of Rovaniemi.


Linda, Me, Lada and Tanja just arrived at Rovniemi airport to discover the Arctic Circle

The following day we all met in order to work with our project. We did a brainstorming and we came up with different ideas which all of them were great! But we had to choose one. As said before it was challenging, also because the Roosvelt Cabin should kept for free entrance. Finally we decided to do a thematic guided tour through the history of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle (with the help of the Arktikum’s exposition) and the history of Roosvelt Cabin.

After our ride through this places and our ideas on how to develop the cultural heritage of the city in a way that even kids could have fun I can’t wait to see the final result. I’d like to come here after a few years and see how the Roosvelt Cabin had becom an icon of the Santa Claus Village.