Dear Reader,

“The thinner the ice, the more anxious is everyone to see whether it will bear.”
– Billings

As you know I have visited Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality International Conference 2017 in Pori.


As we live in the 21st century and gadgets are around us and integral part of our life, the main importance to me was the topic that is connecting storytelling and heritage. Moreover the utilization of modern applications and their interaction was my interest of the whole conference.


The most informative was the lecture by Telle Tuominen, wich had  a name ” Using storytelling and mobile apps when converting coastal defense heritage into valuable tourist experience”.


The point of this presentation was to tell how the group of people who were working on creating the storytelling for an application for tourism destination have showed what they wanted to do, the reasons for that and that goals they have achived.


The most important thought that I gained from this

“Only the educated are free.”

conference was the importance to find the balace between good stories and well functioning contect management system.


The app is suppose to be easy to use, practical (working on slow internet or even without the internet), informative for example to be usefull and interesting, and to calculate all the situation like weather, daylight and so on.


The example of the app about tourism in Arhioilago nearby Helsinki. I would really recommend you to check this app up.


Press on the picture below to go to the app web page.

I hope that you would find it interesting to check this an amazing example of storytelling app.

Best Regards